​Emergencies and disasters are unpredictable and strike without warning.  Therefore in the event of an emergency, it is imperative that there be an understood role and chain of command to ensure cohesion between tenants and Building Management’s emergency responses. Building Management strongly recommends that each tenant designate responsible, dependable employees as Tenant/Floor Wardens, Area/Department Wardens (Searchers), Stair Monitors, and Assistant to Disabled Personnel/Person Requiring Assistance (Aides). Remember to include back-up personnel in case members of the Emergency Response Team are out of the office, sick or on vacation.  

Once your Emergency Response Team is selected, it is critical that they familiarize themselves with the safety information contained in this handbook. In addition, Building Management recommends that each tenant submit their company’s internal Emergency Action Plan and Procedures to Building Management so everyone can become familiar with their procedures. 

Remember being prepared can save lives. Tenant’s Emergency Response Teams should develop evacuation plans for your suite and ensure all employees know where all exits for the premises and Building, regardless of employee’s location during an emergency.  Tenants are required to participate in periodic Building fire warden training and drills and to provide their employees with the necessary equipment for fire drills and emergencies, such as whistles, hats, and flashlights. Please instruct all of your employees that fire drills are not to be taken lightly and to cooperate with the instructions of Tenant/Floor Wardens assigned to their areas.  

This handbook should also be reviewed when new employees begin or any substantial changes to the plan, staff, or Building tenant’s premises occur. Building Management recommends that each tenant practice their emergency response plan, in addition to the Building training and drills. 

Please contact Building Management when your company would like to schedule an emergency response drill so we can make the appropriate arrangements to assist you and notify other tenants in the Building,if necessary.