landscaping and snow removal


Building Management’s goal is to provide professional 

services that reflect well-maintained exterior grounds, 

and curb appeal, as we know it is a reflection of your 

choice for business location.  If you should observe any 

issues with the exterior grounds, please notify Building 

Management office. 

Landscaping Services

Building Management coordinates the maintenance, repair or replacement associated with the Building’s exterior grounds.  Work includes but is not limited to:

  • Spring and Fall clean up of grounds
  • Weekly mowing
  • Fertilization and weed control of turf areas
  • Policing for debris and Irrigation - inspection and maintenance of system
  • Installation and maintenance of flowers and landscape beds
  • Pruning, maintenance, and replacement, if necessary, of plant material
  • Emergency storm clean-up  ​​

Most work will not interfere with the operation of the tenants’ businesses. However, tenants will be notified, in advance, if Building Management requires their cooperation to complete maintenance, repairs or replacements to these areas.   

Snow Removal

During the winter season, the weather is often unpredictable when it comes to 

snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain or any combination thereof.  Building Management 

coordinates the snow removal services for the property including the surface 

parking lot, parking ramp, drive lanes, fire lanes, loading dock and garage 

entrances, and sidewalks. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Plowing
  • Blowing snow 
  • Hauling away snow, if necessary
  • Shoveling
  • Salting/sanding; or chemical application as per the conditions stated above 

Snow removal service levels and frequencies under which the Snow Removal Contractor performs may vary throughout the business day but please know that this is typical with industry standards. For example, Snow Removal Contractor will typically perform partial plowing of parking lot drive lanes and sidewalks when snowfalls exceed one inch of snow during business hours.  A full plowing of parking lot and sidewalks will typically occur after Building’s business hours and prior to 7:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday. However, these hours of service are estimated depending on the timing and conditions of each storm. 

If you should observe any issues with snow removal, please immediately notify Building Management office.

pest control and wildlife

Building Management coordinates the pest control services for the Building and Property with a contracted vendor. This vendor performs schedule preventive services for the building common areas and property grounds, utilizing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan and practices to maintain the Building’s compliance with LEED certification. 

An IPM plan manages indoor pests in a way that protects human health and the surrounding environment through the most effective, least-risk and most economical option; employing commonsense strategies to reduce the opportunities for sources of food, water and shelter for pests in the Building and Grounds while minimizing the use of pesticides. 

The Building’s Integrated Pest Management plan calls: 

  • Monthly Routine inspection and monitoring of the site
  • Utilizing the least-toxic chemical pesticides
  • Limiting the frequency and use of pesticides
    • Targeting the individual species of pest
    • Targeting the location of pest sighting
    • Utilizing live traps in place of pesticides in applicable locations, such as the building perimeter
  • Advance notice of not less than 72 hours to Tenants before a pesticide is used under normal conditions  and 24 hours after application of a pesticide in an emergency 
  • All pesticides and cleaning products used in the IPM plan must meet the quality control standards for Indoor and Environment Quality

Please be aware that pesticides, even the least-toxic, may not be used without prior notification to the Building Tenants unless it is an emergency situation; Tenant should immediately report any pest sightings or suspected pest activity to the Building’s Management office.  Tenant’s assistance in identifying possible pest activity is crucial to the ongoing success of the Building’s IPM plan. 

See Building Rules & Regulations, Section 28, regarding infestation of a Tenant’s leased premises. 

Pest Prevention Tips

  •  ​​Remove Food
    • Do not leave food out overnight after meetings / catered events.
    • Do not store food in your cupboards or desk.
    • If you have the need to store food, such as coffee condiments like sugar, keep in a sealed plastic or glass container. 

  • Remove water – all living things including pests need water to survive​
    • Do not overwater plants
    • ​Report leaks to Building Management 


The Building is conveniently located with close access to major roadways and services while being nestled in a wooded environment.  This lends to great views of nature creating a relaxing environment for our tenants.  And with nature, comes wildlife; our property has been home to a number of animals including, deer, foxes, turkey buzzards, hawks, and owls.  Building Management asks that while Tenants and their employees enjoy the up close view of nature the Building sometimes offers, that each person should respect the course of nature and look, but do not touch.  Feeding, leaving food or water for, or otherwise inviting the return of wild animals can have unforeseen effects on the Building such as attracting other pests, (e.g. mice, ticks, predators, etc.).

If an injured or sick animal is seen, please report the situation to Building Security or Building Management. Do not attempt to rescue or care for a wild animal.  Per the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:  An unlicensed citizen may NOT attempt to rehabilitate an animal on their own. It is also unlawful to possess or transport injured wildlife for greater than 24 hours unless permitted to do so. Citizens should volunteer or partner with rehabilitation permit holders in order to transport orphaned, sick, or injured wild animal(s) (Rule 6244.0400).

For further information on wildlife rehabilitation, contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: or (651) 296-6157. 

Migratory Birds & The Lights Out Program

Most birds migrate at night and can be drawn off course by tall, lighted structures in their flight path; and many birds are killed or injured in collisions with buildings because they have a difficult time seeing glass, even at night when reflections are minimal. 

The Building is proud to support and participate in Minnesota’s Lights Out program.  The Lights Out program was formed in 2007 and it is a voluntary program where building owners, managers and tenants work together to ensure that all unnecessary lighting is turned off during Lights Out dates and times, ensuring the success of this program. 

​For more information on the Lights Out program, including what the building policies include and what you can do, contact Building Management. 


Taking the simple steps listed below can assist Building Management to prevent window collisions:  

  • Close blinds or keeping them partially closed to minimize reflections. Angled appropriately, these can still provide plenty of light and a modified view while being safer for the birds.

  • Move plants away from windows. Birds may view them as shelter or food and try to perch on them. Instead, position plants where they cannot be seen from outside.

  • Minimize nighttime illumination by turning lights off when not needed or ensure lights are off at the end of business day.

  • Use motion sensors to avoid steady-burning lights, and timers to ensure that lights aren’t left on longer than necessary. Tenants should look at how premises are lit and see if additional light switches should be installed in order to downsize large area of lit space. 

smoking / e-cigarettes


Smoking, candles, incense and open flames are not permitted in any portion of the building. This includes but is not limited to restrooms, hallways, elevators, stairwells, and inside tenant suites. 

In addition, smoking is not permitted within 25 feet from the Building’s main lobby entrances.

A designated area for smoking is located on the north side of the building next to the stairwell entrance.  A container for ashes and cigarette butts is mounted on wall.  

Smoking policy and enforcement are sensitive issues for everyone. We are requesting each Tenant’s assistance in informing your employees, contractors, and visitors of the smoking policy and require them to respectfully dispose of their cigarette butts in the proper ash tray provided in lieu of landscape areas (e.g. plant beds or flower pots), sidewalks, or the parking lot as this creates potential fire hazard and unclean appearance.   Thank you for your assistance and cooperation with this request.


Electronic cigarette users should adhere to the above smoking policies, including smoking only in the designated area or they may elect to go to their vehicle. 


  • Each tenant is provided, upon move in, with an initial building standard suite sign and signage on the lobby directory. All signage must conform to the Building’s standards.  Changes to existing or replacement signage are subject to additional charges.

  • All requests for signage alterations must be submitted in writing to the Building Management office. This will help ensure no misunderstandings and help to expedite the process. 

  • Requests received will be reviewed and approved by the Building Management office and a proof and price proposal, if applicable, submitted to you for review and approval.  

  • Signage orders can take approximately four (4) weeks for delivery.

  • Per Building’s Rules & Regulations, Tenant shall not paint, display, inscribe or affix any sign, picture, advertisement, notice, lettering or direction or install any lights on any part of the outside or inside of the Building, other than the Premises, and then not on any part of the inside of the Premises which can be seen from outside the Premises, except as approved by Landlord in writing.

  • The monument sign located is limited for the number of listings. Please contact Building Management with any questions.

  • Signage placed on the building exterior and property is limited and requires a permit by the and must be approved by Landlord. Please contact Building Management with any questions. 

parking lot, ramp and garages

Tenants shall have the right to park in the Building’s parking lot and parking ramp in common with other tenants, on a first come, first served basis, subject to the terms and conditions established by the Landlord. Landlord and Building Management are not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of the vehicle itself, contents within, or damages caused by other vehicles on the Property.

For further information on the parking amenities available at the ATRIA, see section "Parking & Commuting" below for details, including Executive Garage / Reserved Parking Stalls, Bicycle Racks, Motorcycle Parking Stalls, Car/Van Pooling, etc.  

Restricted Zones
Building Management requests that all Tenants, their employees, contractors and guests observe all of the restricted zones listed below. Violators may be ticketed and towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense. See section below “Violations & Towing”.

  • Handicapped Parking Spaces and Access stalls
  • Fire Lanes / Zones 
  • Reserved Spaces as specified 
  • Visitor Spaces as specified 
  • Height and Weight restrictions posted at access points
  • Restrictions for Snow Removal – See Section “Exterior Grounds Maintenance – Snow Removal"

Overnight parking is not permitted on the Property as it may interfere with the maintenance or snow removal.  Exceptions to overnight parking may be permitted for emergency or outstanding circumstances in the event Building Management has been notified and approves the request in advance. All risks and damages are the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner. 

​Periodic maintenance to the parking lot may require Building Management to restrict parking while the work is completed. Building Management will notify tenants, in advance, of scheduled preventative maintenance including: asphalt and concrete repairs, sweeping, striping, or snow removal services. 

Violations & Towing

Building Management reserves the right to ticket and/or tow any vehicle in violation of established parking regulations at the vehicle owner’s expense. Any damages incurred to vehicle during towing or ticketing are also vehicle owner’s expense.   Please refer to Section 31 of the “Building Rules and Regulations” for more information.  

Security routinely patrols the Building’s parking lot, ramp and garages to monitor for adherence to these policies. Tickets may be issued for parking in a restricted zone, abandoned vehicle, unauthorized overnight parking, or  incorrectly parked between defined lines of a parking stall.  Fines are not issued with tickets, but are recorded and maintained by Building Security. (1& 2) A paper ticket for the first two offenses in a one-year period; (3) A parking violation sticker is placed on the car (violation sticker has a very strong adhesive) is given for the third offense in a one-year period; and (4) violators are towed at the vehicle owner’s expense for a fourth offense in a one-year period. 

Landlord and Building Management are not responsible for reimbursement of any fees associated with towing of vehicle, regardless if the person is an onsite employee, offsite employee, visitor, guest or vendor of Tenant.

parking facilities / commuting

Building resources and policies are in place to promote a variety of commuting options to the property, with a preference for alternative solutions such a mass transit, car pooling, and biking.  Tenants are encouraged to promote greener commuting practices by through the Building’s resources and offering employer incentives. 

Want to reduce your personal carbon footprint but worried about last minute emergencies or scheduling conflicts?  

Guaranteed Ride Home is Metro Transit's free program that gets you home from work if you have a family emergency or have to work late unexpectedly and your standard commuting option is unavailable. You can use Guaranteed Ride Home for an emergency taxi, car-share, on-demand ride-share, rental car or transit trip. You must use an "alternative" commuting method such as riding the bus, carpool, vanpool, bicycle or walk to workat least three times per week and must be preregistered.  Check the website at for more information, eligibility and to register.  

Bicycle Racks & Locks

Bicycle racks are located in the lower level of the parking ramp, near the parking ramp’s enclosed stair tower (North side).   For the convenience of those who choose to commute to work via bicycle, the Building is also equipped with a locker and shower facilities for your use upon signing a fitness center waiver of liability.  Additionally, there is a bike rack located in the WEST garage, that upon request, can be granted access to on a first come/first serve basis.  Please contract Building Management if you are interested.

In the event an employee of a Tenant employee forgets their bike lock, a small number of bicycle locks are available for temporary use, located at Building’s security desk for check out. A waiver form is required to check out a lock.  Locks and/or keys that are damaged, lost or not returned may be subject to a minimum replacement.  

Bus Routes/Plymouth Metrolink

The Building is serviced by the City of Plymouth’s bus service, Metrolink, and is on routes 741 and 777.  The bus stops just across the street from our property, next to the curbline for the neighboring property, "Turck." 

Metrolink participates in the regional “Guaranteed Ride Home Program” which provides vouchers for a free bus or cab ride if you need emergency transportation home. For further details and schedules, contact the City of Plymouth at 763-509-5535 or online at, click on Departments - Public Works - Transit.

Car / Van Pooling

The Building has preferred parking stalls reserved for the use of authorized Car/Van Pools.  To register your group and reserve a stall, please see Building Management for further information on terms and conditions and for a parking pass.   

Electric / Smart Cars

ATRIA is a "green" building, and Building Management is continually making strides to improve our sustainability and reduce environmental impact of the daily operations of the building. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a high enough demand necessary to install charging stations for electronic and/or hybrid vehicles. However, as the drive to sustainability continues to increase in our country, we expect to see this change. If you have questions or would like to speak with Building Management regarding this type of an amenity, please contact Building Management.  We would love to hear from you!  UPDATE:  We are currently looking into installing two charging stations in the NORTH Executive garage.

Executive Garages / Reserved Parking Stalls

Two underground, heated garages are located in the lower level of the Building.  Parking stalls are available for rent to Tenants per their lease terms and agreement. Stalls may also be available to individual employees on a first come, first serve basis and upon execution of a short term license agreement. Entry into the garage is granted by the individual’s access card that will be programmed upon executed lease and/or parking agreement.  Further directions and a map will be provided to show employee how to access the executive garage and location of their specific parking stall.    

No overnight parking or storage of boats, trailers, or recreational vehicles is permitted.  Vehicle may be temporarily “suspended” from the executive garage if oil or other substances are found leaking from their vehicle, until necessary repairs have been made.  Please refer to lease or license agreement for additional terms and conditions on the use of the reserved parking stall.    

Please contact the Building Management office for current rates and availability of the reserved Garage Parking stalls. If no parking stalls are available, interested parties may be placed on a waiting list and notified when a stall available

Motorcycle / Moped / Scooter Parking Stalls

The Building has preferred, designated parking available for motorcycle, moped and scooter. These parking stalls are located on the lower level of the parking ramp. Additional stalls are reserved for use during the summer months and will be marked accordingly.  

​Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters may not park at bike racks or any non-designated parking area. Motorcycles and scooters may not park in regular parking lot spaces or be operated on sidewalks at any time.