In the event of an emergency, call 911 immediately or when safe to do so. 911 operators will dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel: police, fire, and/or ambulance.  

If one of the emergencies discussed in the following topics or any life threatening emergency occurs at the property, after first contacting 911 services, immediately call Building Security at 763-553-2652. The security officer will alert the appropriate building staff to assist the emergency team response. 

  • To report a Medical Emergency 
  • To report a Fire,  Smoke, or Flood
  • To report or prevent a crime, (Bomb Threat, Work Place Violence, Burglary, etc.) that has occurred or is about to occur 

Incident Reports 

In the event of an accident, slip and fall of an employee, customer, or visitor and after you have followed the Emergencies Procedures listed in the following sections, please complete the Property Incident Report.  All incidents must be reported promptly, even if the affected party makes assurances that he/she is uninjured and will not be taking any action.  Prompt reporting of claims expedites claims handling by providing the insurance company the authority to investigate when memories are fresh, physical evidence can be preserved, and witnesses are still available.  Keep one copy of the report and send one copy to Building Management, attention to the Property Manager.