It is the responsibility of each Tenant's individual employees to know who their Tenant Emergency Response Team personnel and Alternates are, and to be familiar with their respective evacuation plans and location of Tenant’s Safe Area of Refuge, including Alternate location. When in doubt, ASK now instead of waiting until an emergency occurs. 


Remember to keep fire exits and corridors free of debris i.e. cardboard boxes, trash, and pallets at all times.

If the alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately!   DO NOT call the Management Office to make inquiries.  The phone lines must remain open to communicate with the fire department.

In the event a Building evacuation becomes necessary:

  • If the alarm sounds or at the direction or emergency personnel, such as the police, fire or other official who may be on the scene to take charge, evacuate the Building immediately. 
  • Remain calm and do not panic.
  • Close office doors as you leave, but do not lock them. 

                  - Do not return to retrieve purses, personal or work belongings, cell phones, etc. 

  • Before departing, attempt to account for any co-worker, contractor or visitor that may be in the restroom, break or conference rooms, or another office. 

                  - Report any missing to Tenant Warden when safe to do so.

  • Always LISTEN for directions on evacuations because your primary exit route may not be safe. 
  • Form a single file evacuation line and follow the Building exit signs to the nearest stairwell. 

                  - Exit the Building on ground or lower level, if applicable. 

                  - Do not exit through main lobby unless directed as First Responders will be using it.  

  • When you approach a closed door, use the back side of hand to feel the door to see if it is hot.

                  - If hot, DO NOT OPEN IT. 

  • Once in stairwell, use hand railing and keep to the right (outside wall) side of stairs as First Responders will be using he left (interior) side of the stairs. 
  • DO NOT take the elevators. In an emergency, elevators will be available only to the fire department.
  • Calmly and quietly proceed to your company’s designated Safe Area of Refuge. 
  • Once you have assembled in your safe area, notify the appropriate Tenant / Floor Warden 

                  - Report any abnormal situation to Tenant/Floor Warden once you have evacuated and

                    are safe.  

                  - Tenant/Floor Warden must quickly report roll call of findings to Building Management

                    and/or First Responders.

  • Wait to receive “All Clear” before re-entering the Building.

                  - The Emergency Response Team will notify tenants when it is safe to return to the 



evacuation map

emergency procedures - quick look